What is Consulting Engineering?

Who are Engineers?

Engineers are problem solvers, organisers, communicators, calculators and designers. They are capable of clearly defining a problem and its relevant constraints (such as time, cost, etc.) and providing a simple solution. They are always seeking quicker, better, and less expensive ways to improve Quality of Life for everyone.

What is Engineering?

Engineering combines the fields of science and maths to solve real world problems that improve the world around us. What really distinguishes an engineer is his / her ability to implement ideas in a cost effective and practical approach. This ability to take a thought, or abstract idea, and translate it into reality is what separates an engineer from other fields of science and mathematics.

What is consultancy and engineering?

“Consultancy and engineering companies provide professional services across a range of key sectors including construction, energy, infrastructure, transport, and utilities. Services offered include surveying, feasibility studies, landscape design, urban planning, structural design, flood risk management and disaster relief, transport planning and business improvement and organisation.

UK consultancies are active in almost every country worldwide. They are critical to the success of many projects, from the iconic to the everyday.”

Definition as given by the Association for Consultancy & Engineering


What is Civil Engineering?

“Civil engineering is all about helping people and shaping the world. It’s the work that civil engineers do to make our lives much easier.

They keep us switched on and powered up by supplying electricity and gas to our homes. They give us clean water and purify it so we can use it again. They build all sorts of things so we can get around, from roads and bridges to railways and airports.

Civil engineers also do lots of other things like finding clever ways of recycling our waste, and finding solutions to problems like pollution.”

Definition as given by ICE, the Institution of Civil Engineers

What is Structural Engineering?

“Structural engineers design, create, solve problems, innovate and use maths and science to shape the world. The structures they create are used by all of us every day; from houses, theatres, sports stadia and hospitals, to bridges, oil rigs and space satellites.

Structural engineers are involved at every stage of a structure’s realisation and they play a key part in design and construction teams. Working with architects, and alongside other professions, structural engineers create conceptual designs and ensure that the structure can be built and is stable and durable.

Structural analysis enables engineers to understand the effects of loads/stresses caused by gravity, the users of the structure, and the widely varying climatic conditions and ground conditions around the world. Choosing appropriate materials for the structure is also an important feature of the structural engineer’s work.”

Definition as given by the Institution of Structural Engineers 



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